Giji Mischel Dennard

Author & Founder

My passion is helping to usher people into greater actualization of their own divinely-crafted purpose. With the focus of a chemist and the flair of a painter -- from the Lord’s table of blessing -- I feed the hungry in spirit, soul, and body to help you be WELL, live WELL, and eat WELL.

"You can spend your whole life chasin’ what’s missing
But that empty inside…it just ain’t gonna listen
When nothing can satisfy, and the world leaves you high and dry
Just come to the well"
(from “Come to the Well” by Casting Crowns)

STRANGE FRUIT is a Call to Action

This is not your typical devotional. If you are only looking for a "feel good" exhortation, this may not be for you. The STRANGE FRUIT devotional is unabashedly a full meat and potatoes meal with strong drink -- spiritually speaking.  This is a call to transformation. Listen to the intro and if you're up to the challenge, welcome to the movement...where we're changing the world by our choices.